Stone and Light Kitchen and Bath Designs offers the highest quality lighting options for your kitchen or bathroom design, remodel or renovation. We provide you with lighting options to ensure your kitchen and bathroom are properly lit as well as to match your needs, wants, and budget.

The lighting in your bathroom and kitchen guarantee the rooms will look their best when you have guests in your home or business. Our Certified Kitchen and Bath Designer will provide you with options of different styles of lighting to make sure your rooms are properly lit without shadows or glares.

Did you know that LED lighting will not only brighten a room it will also save you money on your electrical bills? LED lights also have a longer life and won’t have you constantly changing bulbs. Upgrade your existing light fixtures, add lighting or transition into a new style of lighting with Stone and Light Kitchen and Bath Designs in Newnan, GA.

Task Lighting

At Stone and Light we understand that certain areas of your kitchen or bathroom need a more focused lighting such as cooking areas or vanities. Task lighting is the workhorse of illumination and provides the right light for working on cutting vegetables or applying makeup.

Ambient Lighting

At Stone and Light we have over 20 years of experience in design, remodel and renovation services and understand that this type of lighting is sometimes overlooked. Ambient lighting creates a warm glow that fills a room and softens shadows. It is a type of light that instantly welcomes people into the room.

Accent Lighting

At Stone and Light we will do everything we can to make sure you are completely satisfied with your lighting once installed. Accent lighting is an amazing option that gives depth and dimension to a kitchen or bathroom. Accent lighting can also include low voltage fixtures used to spotlight areas of the room or décor.

Decorative Lighting

At Stone and Light, we want to make certain that you are completely satisfied with your lighting. Some homeowners or business owners choose to install decorative lighting in their bathrooms and kitchens. This type of lighting adds sparkle to the space and is sometimes referred to as architectural jewelry.