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Have you ever walked into a beautiful kitchen and thought, “it’s nice, but who designed this lay out?”

Have you seen the kitchen with an efficient lay out, but you knew the aesthetics simply missed the mark?

And how about the kitchen that had both, beauty and efficiency? (If you have had the pleasure of seeing a kitchen with both, it’s probably still on your mind.)

In the first kitchen, beauty was the sole focus, and the odds were that no one thought about the efficiency of the kitchen until it was too late. So, they ignored the design flaws and focused on how “pretty” the kitchen was. Some kitchens are just made for looks, and so the design aspect doesn’t matter, but in the real-world design flaws are quite the obstacle when you open your dishwasher or stove and your butt is in your refrigerator or island.

The second kitchen you may have witnessed, focused on the workability of the space and compromised the aesthetically pleasing possibilities of the kitchen design. The efficient kitchen is the smart choice if you must decide between beauty and efficiency. But the choice to compromise beauty for efficiency is easier to overcome with some simple and inexpensive changes, a good eye for color, and over all décor.

If you have ever had the pleasure of seeing a beautiful kitchen and the work space made perfect sense, one of a few things happened; The homeowner was a designer, the builder or homeowner hired a designer, or the homeowner took the time to research and plan a design that was not only appealing to the eyes, but they also chose a design that had a logical and efficient work flow.

If you are struggling to decide between function and beauty in your kitchen and bath design, I can help, and you can have both! – Nicole Kotze

How does all of this apply to your current or future kitchen? I am so glad you asked… The bottom line is this, if you are roped into design/lay out flaws, it may seem hopeless to overcome without a complete remodel. However; the following may offer you some options:

  1. 1. Replace large appliances with smaller ones. (check-out counter depth refrigerators)
  2. 2. If you have the floor space, add an island. (consider a mobile island on wheels)
  3. 3. Modify or reposition a large island to better fit the space.
  4. 4. To gain more counter space or storage, install additional cabinets and/ cut down a raised bar and/ knee wall to open up the space and extend

the countertops.


What to do if décor is your design flaw? Try these simple ideas to add beauty to your kitchen:

  1. 1. Paint the walls a light neutral color
  2. 2. Paint the cabinets white or beige
  3. 3. Update the counter tops with natural stone or quartz in a lighter granite
  4. 4. Update your appliances
  5. 5. Change out your flooring
  6. 6. Install a tile backsplash with a pattern

And finally, if it is all too overwhelming for you, and you want or need assistance with what to do, how to do it, and how to afford it, interview a certified kitchen and bath designer. I can’t harp enough about how beneficial it is to have the assistance of a knowledgeable and well-trained kitchen and bath designer. I am a bit partial to kitchen and bath designers, when it comes to the specialized field of kitchen and bath design, for apparent reasons. I am a 20-year veteran of the kitchen and bath design profession, with certifications in kitchen, bath, showroom, and 3d design. I am professionally trained and certified through the National Kitchen and Bath Association, NKBA. My motto is that kitchens and baths should not only be beautiful; they should also be functional.

So, if you are struggling to decide between function and beauty in your kitchen and bath design, I can help, and you can have both!

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